Avehi Abacus

Location — Mahalaxmi, Mumbai
Avehi Abacus Project works with teachers and students in 900+ public schools. The rich and relevant curriculum enrichment packages developed by the group are on themes drawn from sciences and social sciences and ongoing struggles for justice in society. Avehi Abacus has also created material for pre-service teacher education used in 16 colleges in Maharashtra.

Intern Responsibilities

  • Understand the content develop by AAP.
  • Understand the manner in which the Sangati &/or Manthan/Saath-Saathcurriculum programmes have been used in field.
  • Help in improving the data collection tools (Monitoring and Evaluation Systems).
  • Specifically help in tracking students who have undergone and completed Sangati &/Or Manthan. (By interviewing them, making their profile sketch, making a data-base.)
  • Help in Advocacy related work in relation to the Right to Education Act in Mumbai and by helping to update date from Secondary sources.

Duration — ~8-10 weeks.
Number of positions — 2-3
Language and skill preferences — English, Hindi or Marathi