Parichay Abhigyan Society
Location — New Delhi, India
Parichay’s vision is to effect the personal and the social development of children, youth, and adults of the community in which it operates.
Intern Requirements
While the primary intern contact, Vijay Bajpai, is well-versed in both English and Hindi, it might help if the intern knew Hindi.
Interns trained in caring for mentally disable children can choose to contribute in the special school.
Intern Responsibilities
Assignments may involve one or all of these five areas:

  • Teaching English or Math at the non-formal school.
  • Help set up a community library in the school.
  • Teach basic computer skills to students.
  • Help with maintaining the organization’s Website.
  • Interns qualified in the field of mental health and trained to take care of special or mentally challenged children can help out in the special school section of Parichay.

Duration — 1-6 months
Parichay Abhigyan Society
204-A, Pockets J & K
Dilshad Garden
Delhi 110095
Contact — Vijay Bajpai
E-mail[email protected]
Phone — +91 9810753425