Application Deadline

The deadline for receiving application forms and letters of recommendation on behalf of the candidate’s application to the AID India Internship program is March 31st, 2017. Preference will be given to early applications.

Applications will be screened on the strength of the credentials and passion of the applicant in pursing an internship at the chosen NGO.

E-mail completed application to [email protected].

Application Materials

The AID India Internship program provides internship opportunities in co-ordination with our partner NGOs in India every year. We encourage applicants of any discipline currently pursuing their undergraduate or graduate studies to apply. We also encourage non-academic applicants from other backgrounds looking to work at the grassroots and contribute to these small communities.
What you can expect from this internship:

  • An opportunity to work at the grassroots level and make a difference to the community. In many cases, interns live in the communities they intern in, thus get a full immersion into the experience.
  • Hands on teaching, working to develop educational material or manuals, documentation or database development, conducting surveys, helping with set-up of stalls or publicizing the NGO (Specific projects will depend on the intern’s skill-set and the immediate needs of the Partner NGO).
  • An environment where you can build your language skills; if you already know an Indian language or to pick up some basics of a new language if you don’t.
  • An opportunity to blog and share your experience with the community at large through public media/ magazines/ news articles- local, national or international.
  • And most importantly, lifelong friends who will cherish and appreciate your work and your impact on their well-being for a long time!

As part of the application process, you are required to complete and submit the following documents.

    1. An updated resume
    2. Completed AID India Internship Program Application form 2016
    3. Two letters of recommendation – preferably one from an academic adviser/professor and the other one from someone familiar with previous work/internship experience.

Please contact us at [email protected] for questions about the application process that are not already answered on our web site.